Homemade Sriracha roasted almonds

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand how flavored store-bought nuts are so heavily coated in the powder that you can’t even taste the nuts themselves. When I came across this recipe for Sriracha powder, I decided to try my hand at homemade flavored almonds to see if I could get the perfect flavor balance.

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Thanksgiving Recipe: Pumpkin mousse + cheesecake pie

I know I sound like a broken record every time I utter the words I hate baking. But it’s true. I hate doing things that I suck at. And I, ladies ‘n gents, am a really sucky baker.

My friends always tease me about my OCD tendencies and need for total organization and routine in my life. You would think this personality trait would translate into kick-ass baking. Not so much. I’m a come-up-with-a-recipe-on-the-go-and-sprinkle-a-dash-of-this-and-pinch-of-that kinda gal in the kitchen, and baking is the total opposite of that. Baking is about precision and patience, two qualities that I truly lack, in or out of the kitchen.

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