I’ve been writing since the day I was born.

Ha! How ridiculous. That was such a busy time. In truth, I’ve been writing since the day after I was born.

What was my first opus? A screed against slapping a newborn’s bottom.

And from there, the stories of a child (so innocent!), a move to pens and staple-bound books, a third-grade teacher who said of my first short story, “This is really good,” to which I replied, “That’s what all the boys say.”

In college I studied creative writing and made a thorough investigation of angst.

And then graduation and a couple of articles and blah blah blah a Pulitzer—a simple shift in bright colors bearing the name Lilly.

Since I’ve hung my shingle there has been an instruction manual, which was, to quote the client (and my mother), amazing. So true.* I aim for clarity. I love to parse and distill the details. At 90 proof they keep the Great Plague away.

I’ve written persuasive e-mail copy, harnessing the rule of three to create powerful rhetoric that was, you know, about selling things. Would Aristotle be proud? Hard to say. Perhaps he’d offer this spare appraisal: “Yeah, I get it. But what’s e-mail?”

I’ve created print marketing pieces, or as the kids in the C-suite say, collateral. I’ve written sales presentations that leveraged a just-right amount of mission-critical information and were, of course, about selling things.

Whatever you need I’m here (there?) for you—as a writer, not a lover or a fighter. I sit by the computer, waiting for my inbox to ring.**

If we’re standing next to each other, you can reach me by extending your arm. Otherwise, e-mail jjdruzzi [at] [sounds like gee, male] [dot] com.

*As if I’d call my mother a liar.

**No matter what happens, I’m beautiful on the inside, and someone will love me.